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Membership Terms
Please select the option of the size of the locker you'd like to lease. You can change this option at any time during the duration of your agreement by contacting Newberg Wine Lockers.
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Terms And legal Stuff
1. Self- Storage facility: The Lessor, Vino Oregon Inc. dba Newberg Wine Lockers, is a self-storage facility and is operated under the applicable Oregon Business Code. 2. Locker Size: Locker sizes are approximate. 3. Oral Agreements and Notices: There shall be no oral agreements between the parties. All notices shall be to the addresses of the owner and the tenant on this agreement. 4. Late Fees, Pre-lien Notices, Notices of Lien Sale and Abandoned Items: On the 10th day after rent is due there is a late fee of $25; 16th day after rent due date -Pre-Lien Notice fee-$50; 32 days after rent due date -Lien Notice fee-$150. All unclaimed items will be sold in accordance with Oregon Self-storage regulations with any excess returned to the tenant. 5. Tenant Insurance: Lessor advises tenant to procure insurance to cover their wine to protect themselves in the event of any eventuality. Wine Storage insurance information available upon request. Newberg Wine Lockers dba. / Vino Oregon Inc. does no assume any responsibility for lost, damaged or harmed inventory. 6. Temperature and Humidity Control: The wine storage area is temperature and humidity controlled. Owner does not gurantee or warrant that it is suitable for occupant’s wine. The owner will make a reasonable effort to maintain the cooling equipment in working condition but does not guarantee or warrant that fluctuations in temperature or humidity will not affect the taste or quality of tenant’s wine. Owner disclaims any implied warranties of suitability or fitness for a particular use. 7. Release of Owner’s Liability: All wine stored within the facility by tenant shall be at tenant’s sole risk. Owners and owner’s agents shall not be liable to tenants for any spoilage, change of taste, cork weepage, breakage, damage to or loss of tenant’s wine while at the facility or while being transported by owner’s vehicle or by owners employees while handling tenant’s wine, burglary Act’s of God active or passive omissions or negligence of the owner or owner’s agents or any other cause whatsoever. 8. Indemnity: Owner and Occupant waive their respective rights to a jury trail of any cause of action claim or counterclaim brought by either owner against tenant or tenant against owner, owner’s agents and employees on any matter arising out of this rental agreement. 9. Use of Storage Space: Occupant agrees not to store rare or collector wines or any wine having special or sentimental value to Occupant. Occupant waives any claim for emotional or with sentimental attachment to such wine. Occupant agrees not to store wine in any leased space with a total value of $10,000 without the written permission of the Owner. If such written permission is not obtained, the value of Occupant’s property shall be deemed not to exceed $10,000. Nothing herein shall constitute any agreement or admission by Owner that Occupant’s stored property has any value, nor shall anything alter the release of Owner’s Liability set forth above.
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More Stuff
Note: Lessee is strongly urged to have insurance and to keep a written inventory. Lessor has no direct knowledge of the contents of Lessees wine storage locker. The maintenance of insurance and any personal property tax obligation shall be the sole responsibility of Lessee.
Termination of lease
All cancellations of this agreement must be submitted to Vino Oregon Inc. / Newberg Wine Lockers dba. within one month of billing cycle (normally 30 days depending on the month) in order for it to be processed. cancellation is not gaurenteed unless lessee received a written confirmation and lessor received notification within the monthly billing cycle. for example if you wish to cancel in Febuary Vino Oregon must receive notice in December to allow one billing month to process request.
We can only lease to folks over the age of 21.
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