Newberg Wine Lockers


Newberg Wine Lockers

 Newberg Wine Lockers is modeled after my favorite place to hang out in Portland, Willamette Wine Storage. With their mentorship we are creating a similar atmosphere in the gateway to wine country. (Thank you for the mentorship WWS!!!)

Newberg Wine Lockers provides a clean, secure, climate controlled environment to store your most precious wines.

Located walking distance from many top rated restaurants including Ruddick/Wood, Painted Lady, Storrs and Recipe, to name just a few awesome places. Feel free to start or end your First Friday experience with your favorite bottle at Newberg Wine Lockers, while exploring downtown.

We are staffed by wine knowledgeable, hospitality focused individuals that care about your wines, experience and over-all enjoyment!


·         Amenities

o   Riedel stemware

o   Member tasting room

o   Large 60" 4K flat screen

o   Wine Club shipment handling

o   Wine reference library

o   Exclusive Wine Tasting Events

o   24 hour access with prior notice unless otherwise noted


Pricing and Sizes

Pricing and Sizes


Pricing varies according to size and is subject to change. Locker sizes are based off of the standard Pinot Noir Case. For Example, a 6 case locker might only hold up to 4 cases when using a Large All Purpose Case.

6 cases - $22/month    
18 cases - $47/month    
27 cases - $66/month      
36 cases - $80/month  Currently Sold Out - Waiting List Available
45 cases - $88/month  Currently Sold Out - Waiting List Available 
63 cases - $115/month    Currently Sold Out - Waiting List Available 
84 cases - $124/month

o   We also offer 'pay in full' discounts for longer term commitments, as well as industry discounts.

Questions or want to schedule a tour? Awesome!
Please email or call us at 971-333-VINO (8466)


Reserve Your Locker

Reserve Your Locker

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