Welcome to Vino Events! Vino Events handles event planning in the parking lot located on Howard Street across from city hall and the fire station.


We thought, "How cool would it be if we could benefit a local charity, school or church and have a FUN TIME with music and live performance?!"  - in addition to that, we decided to reach out to the amazing Newberg food carts and now we have a venue area, simple, that we can all do great things while creating a fun environment!

During the warmer seasons we will be hosting a variety of entertainment on our stage that will be placed in the parking lot. The goal is to surround the area with food carts, seating and even have a modest beer/wine garden. Vino Oregon would name a beneficiary of the event and get the community together for an evening (or even with kiddos an afternoon) music or performance.


June 2017 Events:

Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-11:30am – Open Floor for Kids and their care givers. Come play with us!

16th – Movie Night 5pmCars, enjoy homey Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and other goodies with us!

23rd - Open Mic Night- Clean, family friendly music, poetry and comedy. Please call 971-333-8466 to reserve your 15-30 min spot.

Fri 30th - Open Mic Night - Clean, family friendly music, poetry and comedy. Please call 971-333-8466 to reserve your 15-30 min spot.



JULY 7th 6pm-8pm - Bricauz

Raised in San Jose, CA now based in the Pacific Northwest, Bri is a vibrant young Singer, Performer, & Producer living out her dream Career as a full time musician.

Over the last 4 years of performing live shows, Bri has developed a strong fan base & foundation from the ground up. That platform has allowed her to run a successful business performing all across the west coast, stretching from San Diego to Seattle & everywhere in between. 


AUGUST 4th 6pm-8pm - Burnt Valley Jazz

Newberg high School graduates Liam and Robert will be preforming their final performance for us. They are both going off to attend OSU this next year and will be missed. 


SEPEMBER 1st 6pm-8pm - Manny Humlie of We Three

We have been waiting for months for this performance. This is a local not-to-be-missed artist. Please check out his work here https://www.facebook.com/moll.jeremy/videos/t.100006596924848/1492909927648181/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab

Yes, this video is 3 years old but this is a small preview of what you will be hearing.

Tap Take Over Calendar

JULY 7th 6pm-9pm - Hop Valley

AUGUST 4th 6pm-9pm - Riverbend




For information on Vino Events please email danny@vinooregon.com or call 971-333-8466